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What is an RBT?

RBT's conduct one-on-one sessions with clients ages 2-18, diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. Our clinical goals are to improve independence and increase quality of life for our kiddos by using positive reinforcement to shape appropriate behaviors, as well as improve peer, social, communication, coping, and independent life skills. You will have your own caseload of kiddos you will see on a weekly basis, with a reoccurring schedule.


It can be, yes! This position challenges you to have an open mind. This position requires you to utilize the training to understand a child’s behavior and the way they learn best, and to manage unwanted behaviors such as aggression, tantrums, self-injurious behaviors, and so on. You may work with non-verbal kiddos who communicate in different ways. It is an energetic position where you are on your feet a lot.


Absolutely! You get to play with our kiddos all day! You get to meet their goals and celebrate with them and their families. You get to work as a team with co-workers and make friends. If you are looking for a position that challenges you, and gives you a deep feeling of fulfillment, knowing you have positively impacted the life of a child, this is the position for you!


4-Week paid training to become a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) includes:
RBT video training small group trainings
hands-on session training with certified staff and clients
paid exam to become state certified as a Registered Behavior Technician


SCHEDULE: Full time: 30-40 hours a week. Part time: 15-29 hours a week. Flexible with student schedules
Training - $16
RBT - $17-20


  • We offer a 4-week PAID intensive training, and ensure our staff feel confident working with any of our kiddos
  • We support all types of kiddos in our center, with a large age range of 2-18, who exhibit all kinds of behaviors, furthering our abilities to apply intervention practices to kiddos of all needs
  • We supply tablets for clinical use, RBT’s do not have to buy their own for this position
  • We cover drive time and mileage reimbursement for any driving outside of the center
  • We offer Parent’s Night Out, Sibling Night, etc. for our families to utilize
  • We have a RBT level system that offers increase in pay, and new responsibilities for RBT’s so there are more opportunities for growth
  • We have a Candidate Program that provides free supervision hours for those in their Master’s Program, planning to become BCBA’s
  • We are proud of our open communication with staff, and seek feedback and solutions to any problems that may come up

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Discipline : Behavior Intervention Services

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